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I believe it is every business' responsibility to give back the community they live in. I wanted to wait until I found something I was really passionate about in order to give back. 
We spent 73 days at one of the best hospitals, Helen DeVos Children's, in the summer of 2011. Our third child, Tessa, was born prematurely at 28 weeks after a difficult pregnancy and miraculous birth.

During those long days and nights of sitting by her isolette, I rarely took the time to leave for necessities like eating or sleeping. I just wanted to be near her, because she was so tiny and fragile.
See what I mean? Hard to leave!
My husband and I were discussing ways that we could make the hospital visit easier for a family in our spot, and we came up with "Tessa's Treats".
Tessa's Treats is a complimentary box of breakfast, lunch, and snacks that the parents can quickly grab in the family room. We hope it will help make life a little easier for a parent caring for their sick preemie.

Please click HERE to donate to Tessa's treats.
Thank you for your generosity!


**If you would like to read more about DeVos Children’s Hospital and the Child Life Program, please see their website at www.devoschildrens.org